Extend the life of your LXE applications

What is RF-Xtend?

RF-Xtend is  a  solution  that  enables  you  to  take  advantage  of  the latest in RF equipment technology without the expense of re-coding your   existing   software   applications. With  RF-Xtend,   your applications will instantly support the newest devices from Symbol, Intermec, and LXE - with absolutely no changes!

Now you can take advantage of everything today’s technology has to  offer,  like  integrated  voice/data IP  networks  (VOIP), 11  Mbps RF  data  rates,  and  new  device  form  factors.    RF-Xtend  instantly makes your RF network an open system based on open standards.  No  longer  are  you  bound  to  aging,  single  vendor,  proprietary hardware.    You  now  have  the  freedom  to  select  the  terminal, scanning,  and  printing  equipment  that  fits  your  needs 

from  any vendor.

How does RF-Xtend work? 

RF-Xtend is a one-for-one, plug replacement for your existing LXE 62xx network controller. Simply unplug your 62xx and plug in RF-Xtend. On the host side it presents a serial port or socket speaking LDS.  On  the  wireless  side  it  uses  Ethernet  to  communicate  with high speed Access Points, which make up the 802.11b RF network.  To your host computer, RF-Xtend looks and communicates just like an LXE controller.  To your applications, your new RF terminals look and behave just like proprietary LXE LDS terminals.  To your users,  your  new  RF  terminals  will  provide  better  ergonomics, performance, and reliability. 

Special Features 

RF-Xtend  supports  99%  of  the  LXE  LDS  feature  set,  including barcode   scanning, printer  support,   auto   transmit,   compressed forms, stored forms, and extended functions. 

RF-Xtend provides a “passthru” mode, which enables you to run your  older  RF  network  and devices  concurrently with  your  new 802.11b  network  and  new  RF  devices - without  changing your existing applications! You can then phase out the older devices as 

you see fit.

All  administrative  functions  are  performed  via  a  Web  Browser. This means that you can configure and monitor your RF network from anywhere on your corporate LAN.  The  enhanced  logging  capabilities  of  RF-Xtend  allow  you  to monitor every transaction to and from every RF terminal, including legacy terminals. Transaction logs can be uploaded from RF-Xtend for analysis.

Why RF-Xtend?

  • A cost effective solution 
  • No host coding required 
  • Protects your software investments 
  • No re-training of your operators 
  • Fully emulates an LXE 62xx controller 
  • Supports new 802.11b devices (VT mode) 
  • Supports Symbol, Intermec, Teklogix,  LXE